Who We Are

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Where We Stand

The Purpose

The efficacy of democracy depends on an informed citizenry collectively making decisions that seek the balance between individuals’ interests and their communities’ wellness where each individual prospers through their own and their neighbours’ betterment. Northology exists to provide foundational and objective analysis of Alberta’s issues, interests, and communities to facilitate citizens in advocating for themselves and their communities: empowering Albertans as democratic agents to create the change they seek.

The Vision

To create a trusted and insightful source of knowledge for Albertans to understand their socioeconomic realities in shaping their own futures and that of our province and communities.

The Mission

We coalesce diverse subject matter experts and public data to inform the Albertan public about their world – in accessible, digestible, and understandable ways to facilitate democratic decision-making from a place of knowledge and objectivity.

The Goal

Increasing Democratic Competence Amongst All Albertans
Civics is a fundamental pillar in democratic participation, and it is vital to understand the complex systems that interact to influence political and social phenomena. However, too many barriers exist for everyday citizens to fully understand the processes and structures of the systems that affect their lives every day in our current state. A core drive will be to break these barriers down and provide educational materials on how these systems work, how to access them and affect change within them.

Unleashing the Age of Information to Empower Decision-Making
We are in an age where we find ourselves drowning in information, change, and revolutions with ever-increasing complexity and required expertise to discern. Contemporary citizens have the potential to be the most informed in history but also face the realities of burnout and being overwhelmed by the sheer volume and an increasing struggle to decipher between fact and fiction. A core mandate of Northology will be to distil vital information into concise, coherent, and verifiable packets, providing a general and evidence-focused knowledge base on issues we face with practical and actionable ideas for bettering the services we have all come to depend upon.

Bridging Areas of Expertise to Understand Systemic Impacts
Alberta has an incredible abundance of experts pushing forward cutting-edge research and analysis within their own specialized areas: energy and environment, social development, health, artificial intelligence, agriculture, and so much more. However, one of the greatest things we are missing is the interlinks between them, and through this providing citizens with the ability to see how the butterfly ripple in one creates a tsunami in another for better or worse in another. Northology will seek to provide the perspective of the forest and its trees.

Engaging Albertans for Tangible Policy Actions to Improve Their Lives
Most often, the little things are the big things. Too often, governments, civil society, and businesses become hyperfocused on transformational change, and many of the little things fall through the cracks. However, it is these little things that average citizens experience every single day. Managing a province, energizing communities, and building cities cannot just be about the big picture, and our citizens have unending lists of small incremental changes that could create profound change and positive impacts not only for public policy outcomes but also for re-establishing trust in governance and civil society. Northology will seek to provide opportunities to elevate these into public discourse and create not only meaningful avenues for engagement but exciting and enjoyable experiences that make democratic participation an integral and valued part of Albertan life once again.

Making Information and Data Accessible to Inform and Act Upon
Open Data Initiatives and Freedom of Information Acts have revolutionized access to knowledge over the last couple of decades. Still, much of the time, the information only paints a picture of the ‘what.’ Data dumps and document caches are thrown at the public without either the vital context or the tools required to make sense of it or use it meaningfully. Deploying policy and data experts for the public good, Northology will endeavour to connect the dots and provide these missing links for the public to move past questions of “what happened” to enabling citizens to conclude “so what does this mean?” and act towards “so what do we do now?”.